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Run, Kitten, Run!

If magic is available...

Alma Olive
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I like things that sparkle, wintry settings, and dismal old attics.
a little princess, aimee & jaguar, alice b. toklas, anne frank, anne sexton, april march, banana popsicles, bernard malamud, bitterness, blushing, brave little toaster, brian/ted, buffy sainte-marie, butterflies, camera obscura, carrie white, chapstick lesbians, charles trenet, charlie and lola, cherry valance, cigarettes, cindy sherman, crookshanks, daisy chains, darry/ponyboy, diane diprima, fanart, fanfiction, femmeslash, folk music, fragile things, france gall, francoise hardy, fred/george, gay rights, gertrude and alice, gertrude stein, ghost stories, ghosts, ginny/hermione, girl power, go sailor, good girls, grape lip gloss, harmonica, harry potter, haruka tenoh, hermione/mcgonagall, hermione/pansy, hippie chicks, homosexuality, hufflepuff, hypothermia, india, itchy sweaters, jacques dutronc, jasmine tea, jesus and mary chain, jewish women, judaism, judee sill, judy blume, k.d. lang, lace, lemon lubricant, lesbian lovers, lesbians, lesley gore, leslie caron, lexapro, libraries, lipstick lesbians, lisa frank, lisps, lori mckenna, love beads, lovity love, luna lovegood, luna/ginny, m.e. kerr, maedchen in uniform, mama's family, masturbating, melanie/lindsay, merpeople, mickey katz, moaning myrtle, my mummy, nightwood, north winds, ocd, pablo neruda, paganism, paine/rikku, pansy parkinson, patricia highsmith, ponyboy/johnny, pretty guardian sailor moon, queer as folk, rag dolls, raggedy ann, rainbow socks, rainbows, rainer maria rilke, reform jews, roller skates, romanticism, rubber duckies, sailor mercury, sailor uranus, scarves and mittens, schmucks, severus snape, severus/draco, severus/harry, severus/lucius, sewing, shelley stoehr, slash, snowflakes, socks, sodapop/ponyboy, softcore, steamroller and a violin, story of o, tapestries, tattered books, ted schmidt, ted/emmett, the hamburgler, the holocaust, the outsiders slash, the shoah, the softies, the sunshine company, thrifting, totoro, tragic music, twat, uranus/neptune, van morrison, vashti bunyan, vibrators, virginia woolf, vulnerability, welcome to the dollhouse, wicca, wool, writing